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Jet Mixer Start Up

Jet mixer plume action during start up

Mixing Action

Mixing action in jet aeration tanks when full

Pure Oxygen

Pure oxygen jet aerator for high oxygen transfer efficiencies and plant upgrades

Stainless steel

Stainless steel jet mixer for solid suspension and blending applications

Warner Lambert

Liquid surface with Jet Mixer in operation

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Workflow Method
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What We Do

  1. Backflush operation in sludge mixing tankbackflush operation in sludge mixing tank
  2. Charles River Hydraulic sludge mixing nozzles installedcharles river hydraulic sludge mixing nozzles installed
  3. Hydraulic sludge mixers floating scum and solidshydraulic sludge mixers floating scum and solids
  4. Hydraulic sludge mixers in operationhydraulic sludge mixers in operation
  5. Hydraulic sludge mixing Charles River showing mixing plumehydraulic sludge mixing charles river showing mixing plume
  6. Hydraulic sludge mixing for leachate treatmenthydraulic sludge mixing for leachate treatment
  7. Hydraulic sludge mixing with jet nozzleshydraulic sludge mixing with jet nozzles
  8. Jet aeration with sludge mixingjet aeration with sludge mixing
  9. Jet aerator at Brockton waste water treatment plantjet aerator at brockton waste water treatment plant
  10. Jet mixer and aerator for VOC stripping at chemical plantjet mixer and aerator for voc stripping at chemical plant
  11. Jet Mixer and Aerator in a sloped bottom aerobic digesterjet mixer and aerator in a sloped bottom aerobic digester
  12. Jet mixer for anaerobic sludge digesterjet mixer for anaerobic sludge digester
  13. Jet mixer for sludge at municipal plant Ohiojet mixer for sludge at municipal plant ohio
  14. Jet mixer with backflush for aerobic digester Ohiojet mixer with backflush for aerobic digester ohio
  15. Sludge mixer during start-upsludge mixer during start up
  16. Sludge mixing tank using jet mixerssludge mixing tank using jet mixers
  17. Sludge mixing using jet mixers at start-upsludge mixing using jet mixers at start up

Solutions We Deliver

About Us

Mixing Systems, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Prakash R. Bathija, P.E., one of the early developers of jet mixing and jet aeration technologies. Since its beginnings, Mixing Systems, Inc. has been a preferred provider of submerged jet aeration and jet mixing systems. With hundreds of installations operating worldwide, our success and reputation are the direct result of a commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Mixing Systems, Inc. continues to be led by our founder and has transitioned into a family business with the second generation now actively involved. We take immense pride in being responsive and knowledgeable as well as supplying a great custom designed processing system at a fair price. No two projects are the same and as such, we work closely with consulting engineers, clients, and contractors to understand the unique attributes and needs of each project in order to design a processing system best suited for it.   

Our highly durable mixing and aeration manifolds are manufactured in Ohio. We have long-standing, preferred OEM relationships with the several of the most reputable recirculation pump and air blower manufacturers in order to supply our customers with a complete jet mixing processing system that we can stand behind.