Aerobic Digesters

  • Aerobic Digester During Start-Up

    This equalization tank treats beverage waste with a jet mixing and aeration system. Although the anaerobic tank is easily oxidized in 5-10 minutes, there is no need to use aeration (unless algae and other biological growth occurs). Mixing alone can be provided via recirculation pumps.

  • Aerobic Digester During Startup

    This tank for an aerobic digester in Ohio is mixed and aerated by an eddy mix jet aerator. The system was initially designed to run as an aerobic digestor, and was later converted to run as a sludge storage tank. The pumps and blowers are located outside the tank, which is now completely enclosed to prevent air emissions into the atmosphere.

  • Aerobic Digester Pictures

    1. Aerobic digester Brockton jet aeratoraerobic digester brockton jet aerator
    2. Digester operation with jet mixer aeratordigester operation with jet mixer aerator
    3. Jet Aeration Brockton MA Aerobic digesterjet aeration brockton ma aerobic digester
    4. Jet Aeration digester installation Urbana OHjet aeration digester installation urbana oh
    5. Jet Aeration mixing action aerobic digesterjet aeration mixing action aerobic digester
    6. Jet Aeration system in digesterjet aeration system in digester
    7. Jet Aeration system installed aerobic digesterjet aeration system installed aerobic digester
    8. Jet aerator at startup in digester sludge servicejet aerator at startup in digester sludge service
    9. Jet Aerator blower and pump for aerobic digesterjet aerator blower and pump for aerobic digester
    10. Jet Aerator operation in digesterjet aerator operation in digester
    11. New Lebanon Ohio digester backflush operationnew lebanon ohio digester backflush operation
    12. Urbana jet aerator Showing Backflushurbana jet aerator showing backflush


  • Eddy Jet Mixer in Operation

    This eddy jet mixer is shown during the start-up process. The mixer is located in a digestor tank and is designed to be operated as an anaerobic or aerobic digestor. Solids concentration can vary up to 4%.