Our Hydraulic Sludge Mixer consists of a series of jet nozzles that are strategically placed throughout a tank to keep solids in suspension. These nozzles are designed such that they provide multi-zone mixing and steady velocity flow which will prevent solids from settling on the tank floor. A key advantage of the system is that there are no in-basin moving parts. There are different design considerations and priorities when working with municipal sludge compared to mixing other materials based on higher solids concentration, abrasion, differing velocities for solids suspension, potential for clogging due to rags and other stringy material, and varying mixing flow patterns. We would be happy to discuss and work with you on designing the appropriate system for your plant’s needs. Contact Us

3DNozzleAssemblies4setshydraulic sludge mixers in operation



The Sludge from the tank is pumped into Hydraulic Sludge Nozzles using Centrifugal, Screw type, or Chopper pumps depending on Sludge characteristics and size. The Sludge from Nozzles is discharged into the surrounding sludge, which creates a highly turbulent jet plume. Transfer of the high velocity stream to the surrounding sludge entrains additional flow increasing the pumping rate by as much as five times the pumping capacity.


                      Single Nozzle Assembly in Operation                                      Double Nozzle Assembly in Operation   



CFD modeling is performed in house with software from ANSYS, one of the global leaders in flow modeling and analysis. We perform both velocity and particle path analysis to ensure that the tank is effectively mixed and that no potential dead zones would be experienced in the tank. Examples of CFD Analysis:











  •  Energy Efficient
  • No rotating equipment in digesters 
  •  1-inch nozzle wall thickness
  • Can be used with several types of pumps
  •  Nozzles hardened to Brinell hardness of 450 +
  • Proven Performance using CFD modelling.
  •  Materials of Construction:
      • 316 Stainless steel for corrosion resistance
      • 440 Stainless steel for abrasion resistance
      • High chrome stainless steel for abrasion resistance
  • Types of Connections Available:
       • Flanged Connections
       • Welded Connections
       • Victaulic Connections



  •  Anaerobic Digester Mixing
  •  Pulp & Paper Waste Tanks
  •  Biogas tank Mixing
  •  Leachate Tanks
  •  Sludge holding tanks
  •  Food Storage Tanks
  •  Equalization tanks
  •  Variable liquid level tanks
  •  Single, double and triple level mixing
  • ATAD digester tanks