Jet Aeration Systems Explained

Aeration is a critical process of biological wastewater treatment, and it is used across municipalities and industries globally. Since its beginnings in 1985, Mixing Systems, Inc. has focused on delivering durable jet aeration systems, which produce fine bubbles via hydraulic shearing via concentric jet nozzles.

Mixing Systems, Inc.’s jet aeration systems are comprised of three major components:

  1. Aeration manifolds located within the tank
  2. Recirculation pumps that pull liquid (water) from the tank and hydraulically pump it back through the aeration manifolds at our designed operating levels
  3. Blowers that provide air into the system

Components of jet aeration system Mixing Systems Inc

The water and air travel down separate lines within our aerators and meet within the double nozzle, concentric jets. Intense contacting and mixing of the two streams occurs in the high shear mixing chamber. The intimate contact between gas and liquid streams results in the formation of micron-size bubbles.

The mixed contents shoot out of the nozzles at a specified velocity depending on the particular application and flow in designed mixing patternsthat allow for continuous movement without any “dead zones” within the tank.


Example Videos Displaying Jet Aeration in Operation