Mixing Systems, Inc. is a global leader in providing jet mixing systems across many industries and applications. A unique and key advantage of jet mixing—which operates based on the eductor principle—is that there are no moving or rotating components within the tank that is being mixed, thereby allowing for much easier operation and maintenance (O&M) than other types of mixers or agitators. Additionally, jet mixing systems are preferred and especially cost-effective for large (10,000+ gallon) or deep tank applications.

Mixing Systems, Inc.’s jet mixing systems are comprised of two major components:

  1. Mixing manifolds located within the tank with entrainment openings on the jet nozzles
  2. Recirculation pumps that pull liquid from the tank and hydraulically pump it back through the mixing manifolds at our designed operating levels.

Components of a jet mixing system Mixing Systems Inc

There are numerous considerations that go into designing a jet mixing system based on the application, materials being mixed and their unique attributes, tank layout and volume, total holding time, required tank turnovers, energy constraints, etc. Our jet mixers are used in many wastewater treatment applications, as well as within the mining, oil and petrochemical, food/agriculture, and chemical manufacturing industries for a variety of processing, blending, or solids suspension needs. Please contact us to find out if our jet mixing systems may be suitable for your large volume mixing application. 


computational fluid dynamics simluation


Mixing Systems, Inc. can conduct custom mixing analyses based upon the material characteristics and range of design conditions specified using our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software.


Example Videos Displaying Jet Mixing in Operation