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  1. The front of a birectional jet mixer, with pairs of nozzles pointing outwards from a brown pipe A bidirectional jet mixerat the base of a large tank A bidirectional jet mixer designed to mix a 50 ft diameter tank for a beverage manufacturer. The system is designed for pH control, blending, and solids suspension.
  2. A partially assembled blue bidirectional jet mixerA bidirectional jet mixer during the manufacturing process.
  3. A man standing over a blue bidirectional jet mixer Two bidirectional jet mixers with a 6-inch liquid line and eight nozzles each. These mixers are designed for tanks smaller than 20 feet in diameter.
  4. A group of unassembled blue bidirectional jet mixers Multiple bidirectional jet mixers in the shipment process. the mixers are flanged together for easy installation in the tanks.