Mixing Systems, Inc. has designed and built jet mixing systems that have been used for a variety of blending, processing, and solids suspension applications across numerous industries.

Notable specialty industry applications:

  • Chemicals – blending for chemical reactions and synthesis, pH control, gas dispersion
  • Food/Agriculture – corn wet milling and processing
  • Mining – mixing phosphoric acid (fertilizer) tanks for solids suspension
  • Oil and Petrochemical – recirculating basic sediment and water (BS&W) within crude oil storage tanks; blending fuel oil (gasoline) tanks to reduce heterogeneities


keurig green mountain equipment installed crude oil mixing nozzle mountable from manway cover

Our jet mixers are a preferred option for large (10,000+ gallon) or deep (20+ ft.) tanks where rotating shaft agitators are unstable, ineffective, and or expensive to construct and maintain. Our systems can operate continuously and maintenance is simple, considering there are no moving parts within the tank.

Our systems can accommodate varying tank volumes and are constructed of durable, corrosion resistant materials based on the product and application. We expect that every system we supply should last 20+ years in continuous operation.

duplex stainless steel jet mixers for solids suspension elevated tanks for solids suspension and process mixing

Mixing Systems, Inc. can conduct custom mixing analyses based upon the material characteristics and range of design conditions specified using our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software.

computational computational fluid dynamics simluation square small

Mixing Systems, Inc. has the technical expertise and application experience to work with you to design and build a cost-effective system for your specialty bulk mixing application. Contact us or give us a call to let us know how we can help.