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Mixing Systems, Inc. typically uses fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) for its jet aerators and jet mixers because it is durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant and easily assembled in the field. FRP has an expected service life of twenty years. Mixing Systems prefers to use 100 PSI pipe so the jet aerators will have a 10:1 safety factor.

Mixing Systems' commitment to quality is furthered through the use of clear FRP piping so any flaws or imperfections can be seen and corrected before the system is shipped. Corrosion resistant FRP piping used in the construction of most aerators is composed of several layers:

  1. pipingComposition of FRP piping.Primary corrosion barrier - "C" veil or Nexus layer with 90% resin and 10% reinforcement.
  2. Secondary corrosion barrier - 100 mil chopped strand mat. Resin content of approximately 60% resin and 40% glass.
  3. Structural layer - consists of 1/4'' to 1/2'' continuous glass roving for structural integrity. This consists of 60% glass and 40% resin.
  4. Exterior corrosion barrier - "C" veil or Nexus layer with 90% resin and 10% reinforcement.
    Final layer - 100% resin and ultraviolet inhibitor.
  5. Jet aerators and jet mixers can also be manufactured in stainless steel or with special resins for extremely corrosive environments and for specialized applications. In addition, because all units are custom designed, aerators and mixers can be tailored to accommodate unusual requirements.


Jet nozzles are manufactured by the hand lay-up process with a 10 to 20 mil abrasion resistant layer followed by the structural layer consisting of woven roving, chopped strand mat, and resin. The outer surface of the nozzle is finished with a corrosion resistant layer and ultraviolet protection. To further enhance corrosion resistance, the FRP nozzles can be manufactured with an optional layer of silicon carbide lining the interior surfaces.

Mixing Systems, Inc. designs, owns and tests its own molds before any parts are fabricated, ensuring tolerance and superior quality. In addition, Mixing Systems, Inc. directs the entire fabrication process to ensure that every component is manufactured to its own high standards and specifications. The contact molded components are built to exacting tolerances. Mixing Systems' nozzles are engineered and fabricated with a standard minimum wall thickness of 0.375'' (9.5 mm).