Mixing Systems' submerged jet aeration and jet mixing systems are easier and less expensive to install than comparable diffused aeration systems. All equipment is supplied in prefabricated sections that are easily assembled using field joints or flanged connections. In addition, the jet aeration system contains no in-basin moving parts. All mechanical assemblies such as pumps and blowers are placed outside the tanks where they are easy to service. Combined with an optional pneumatic backflush designed to eliminate clogging, the systems are virtually maintenance free.


Aeration is often considered to be the heart of the effluent treatment system at most wastewater treatment plants. The correct selection of an aeration system is crucial because the operation of the aeration system requires about 80% of the total operating power cost of a waste water treatment plant.

Mixing Systems, Inc. jet aeration systems provide both environmentally conscious and cost effective operation. Built of quality components with an established reputation for reliability, Mixing Systems' jet aeration systems have shown energy reductions of up to forty percent over other aeration methods. In addition, during periods of low service demand, air flow rates can be reduced by controlling and varying the blower output. By regulating the air flow to the aeration system, oxygen transfer rates can be controlled without affecting the mixing efficiency or solids suspension and additional energy savings are achieved.