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Our hydraulic sludge mixer is a series of jet nozzles directing flow to keep solids in suspension. This system uses a chopper pump and stationary hydraulic jet nozzles that are strategically placed throughout a tank.


Sludge Nozzle Thickness One inch
Materials of Construction 316 stainless steel or 440 high chrome stainless steel for more abrasive applications
Coupling Availability Welded, Flanged, Victaulic

Similar to our other jet systems, hydraulic sludge mixing systems have no in-basin moving parts. The most typical applications for these systems are anaerobic digesters, sludge holding tanks, and mixing reservoirs. There are different design considerations and priorities when working with municipal sludge compared to mixing other materials based on higher solids concentration, abrasion, differing velocities for solids suspension, potential for clogging due to rags and other stringy material, and varying mixing flow patterns. We would be happy to discuss and work with you on designing the appropriate system for your plant’s needs. Contact Us


 thumb hydraulic sludge mixershydraulic sludge mixers in operation